Monday, March 7, 2011

Industry Watch: Greg McCoach talks Platinum Group Metals (PGM's) @ PHX Silver Summit

February 19th, 2011: Greg McCoach talks with Al at the Cambridge House Silver Summit in Phoenix Arizona about the platinum group metals market and the future of bullion prices in this economy.

Greg McCoach is an entrepreneur, who has successfully started and run several businesses the past 22 years. For the last 7 of these years he has been involved with the precious metals industry as a bullion dealer, investor, and newsletter writer.

Mr. McCoach's years of business experience and extensive personal contacts in the mining industry provide unique insights that have generated an impressive track record for The Mining Speculator since its inception in 2001. He also spreads his vast knowledge of the precious metals markets in a weekly column for Gold World.

Apart from the Mining Speculator, Greg is also the President of AmeriGold, a gold bullion dealer.

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