Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Field: Argus Metals has Claims In 2 Big Area Plays, Yukon and Guyana

Lawrence Roulston of Resource Opportunities visits Argus Metals Kaituma Project in western Guyana.

The Kaituma project is located in NW Guyana, 5km from a deep water port, town and airfield. Topography on the project is rolling with a change in relief of only 100m. Access is defined by an all weather road that runs along a ridge on the center of the project and is augmented by an abandoned railway and secondary logging roads.

The project represents a world class target with a low exploration cost, solid infrastructure and a rapid timeline to a conceptual resource definition and development.

Video Transcript:

Argus Metals is involved in two important emerging gold exploration regions: Canada's Yukon Territory, and Guyana. Both projects were acquired last year from another company in return for shares. Previous work demonstrates the potential for large-scale discoveries.

On the Kaituma property, in the northwest part of Guyana, an airborne geophysical survey turned up a large area with uranium values. The western part of the Kaituma concession also hosts widespread gold occurrences and small-scale mining. The company plans to drill the gold targets as well as the uranium targets this year. Work will also be continuing in the spring on the Yukon project.

Increasing investor awareness of the significance of both these gold regions and positive results from the exploration programs should attract considerable investor attention.

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