Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Silver Summit: Orex Minerals promising properties in Mexico and Sweden

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During the 2011 Silver Summit, Al talks with Orex Minerals President, Gary Cope, and Chief Geologist, Ben Whiting. They discuss the recent activity at both Orex's Properties, the Coneto Project in Mexico, and the Barsele project in Sweden.

Orex Minerals, Inc. is a silver and gold exploration company with a gold project in Sweden, and a gold-silver project in Durango, Mexico. The flagship property is the Barsele Gold project, which is 600 km north of Stockholm. Then there is the Coneto Mining Camp in Durango which is adjacent to the village of Coneto de Comonfort, 100 kms north of Durango. Coneto has 400 years of mining history, however it is under-explored, which is why we are excited about the joint venture agreement signed with Fresnillo to explore the property with joint management of the drilling program. Orex has a strong management team with previous success in precious metals discovery.

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