Thursday, January 13, 2011

Industry Watch: Al and David Coffin talk USD future and Metal Prices

Al Korelin talks with David Coffin of the Hard Rock Analysts about the US dollar in the near future compared to metal prices as well as other foreign currencies. They also discuss the stock market at large and the Federal Government debt.

David Coffin, the "geology side" of HRA, has been active in prospecting, resource calculation, and feasibility studies for resource companies for 29 years. He attended the Haileybury School of Mines, authored numerous qualifying reports for resource companies, and managed and designed field programs for over 15 years.

His experience is so vast that scores of companies try and lure him to look at their projects. Why? Because they know if their project has Dave's seal of approval, a lot of serious market players and other analysts will take notice. Besides, with his background, getting Dave to visit a site is like hiring a top flight consultant -- without the consulting fees.

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