Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Industry Watch: Al video chats with Western Potash VP Corporate Development, John Costigan

Al chats with John Costigan of Western Potash about their recent news releases.

Western Potash Corp. is a premium potash development company focused on building Canada's most efficient potash solution mine in North America.

The Company's objectives are to define and develop a world-class potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner.Western Potash Corp. provides shareholders with a unique opportunity to participate in the blue-chip dominated potash mining industry.

Saskatchewan has the largest potash industry in the world, accounting for approximately 40% of the worlds trade in potash. The potash reserves in Saskatchewan are massive. By conservative estimates, Saskatchewan could supply world demand at current levels for several hundred years.

Western Potash Corp. has over 860,000 acres of potash permits and applications in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada. Western Potash was able to raise in excess of 45 million CAD from institutional and retail investors, including the IPO in May 2008.

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